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asn1 The Erlang ASN1 compiler version 5.0.16 started 5.0.16
bcrypt_elixir Bcrypt password hashing algorithm for Elixir started 2.3.0
certifi CA bundle adapted from Mozilla by started 2.8.0
comeonin A specification for password hashing libraries started 5.3.2
compiler ERTS CXC 138 10 started 8.0.2
connection Connection behaviour for connection processes started 1.1.0
cowboy Small, fast, modern HTTP server. started 2.9.0
cowboy_telemetry Telemetry instrumentation for Cowboy started 0.3.1
cowlib Support library for manipulating Web protocols. started 2.11.0
crypto CRYPTO started 5.0.2
csv CSV Decoding and Encoding for Elixir started 2.4.1
db_connection Database connection behaviour for database transactions and connection pooling started 2.4.0
decimal Arbitrary precision decimal arithmetic. started 2.0.0
ecto A toolkit for data mapping and language integrated query for Elixir started 3.6.2
ecto_sql SQL-based adapters for Ecto and database migrations started 3.6.2
eex eex started 1.12.2
elixir elixir started 1.12.2
file_system A file system change watcher wrapper based on [fs]( started 0.2.10
gettext Internationalization and localization through gettext started 0.18.2
hackney simple HTTP client started 1.18.0
hex hex started 0.21.3
idna A pure Erlang IDNA implementation started 6.1.1
inets INETS CXC 138 49 started 7.4.1
jason A blazing fast JSON parser and generator in pure Elixir. started 1.2.2
kernel ERTS CXC 138 10 started 8.0.2
logger logger started 1.12.2
metrics A generic interface to different metrics systems in Erlang. started 1.0.1
mime A MIME type module for Elixir started 1.6.0
mimerl Library to handle mimetypes started 1.2.0
mix mix started 1.12.2
parallel_stream Parallel stream operations for Elixir started 1.0.6
parse_trans Parse transform library started 3.3.1
phoenix Productive. Reliable. Fast. A productive web framework that does not compromise speed or maintainability. started 1.5.9
phoenix_ecto Integration between Phoenix & Ecto started 4.3.0
phoenix_html Phoenix view functions for working with HTML templates started 2.14.3
phoenix_live_dashboard Real-time performance dashboard for Phoenix started 0.4.0
phoenix_live_reload Provides live-reload functionality for Phoenix started 1.3.2
phoenix_live_view Rich, real-time user experiences with server-rendered HTML started 0.15.7
phoenix_pubsub Distributed PubSub and Presence platform started 2.0.0
phx_gen_auth An authentication system generator for Phoenix 1.5 loaded 0.7.0
plug A specification and conveniences for composable modules between web applications started 1.11.1
plug_cowboy A Plug adapter for Cowboy started 2.5.0
plug_crypto Crypto-related functionality for the web started 1.2.2
pokemon_couture pokemon_couture started 0.1.0
postgrex PostgreSQL driver for Elixir started 0.15.9
public_key Public key infrastructure started 1.11.1
ranch Socket acceptor pool for TCP protocols. started 1.8.0
runtime_tools RUNTIME_TOOLS started 1.16.2
sentry The Official Elixir client for Sentry started 8.0.6
ssl Erlang/OTP SSL application started 10.4.2